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Deadline for submission: FEBRUARY 20TH, 2023 (WITHOUT REVIEW)

The Scientific Committee and SCIVAC would like to thank all the authors that submitted their works to this meeting. The review process is still in progress, the authors will be informed by e-mail about acceptance or rejection in the next few days. Should the presenting author/speaker of a rejected abstract be informed after March 10th, he/she will be granted the same registration fees that were valid before that deadline. Thank you.

After that date, the online EGO system for the submission of the abstracts will no longer accept any abstracts.


Abstracts must be submitted using the online abstract form going to https://abstract.evsrl.it/

Paper, faxed or emailed submissions will be rejected. For the submission of an abstract is required the creation of a user account by going to the “EGO” Registration Request Page at https://ego.evsrl.it/public/Registration.aspx

Registration process takes 2 working day.

Register now to the “EGO System” to avoid any delay in getting the login credentials.


The ABSTRACT SUBMISSION CENTRE will guide the author filling in the following fields:


The abstract should contain information under the following subheadings.

In the case of original research: aim of work, materials, methods used, results and conclusions.

For clinical cases: Introduction, Case description and Discussion.

Abstracts that do not meet this format will automatically refused. The statement “Results will be discussed” is not acceptable.

  • The abstract text is limited to 5.400 characters, including spaces. This limit includes the body of the abstract only. If the abstract exceeds this limit, the author will be prompted to shorten it before being allowed to continue.
  • Graphs, images, tables and photos will not be published.
  • The bibliography is mandatory and must be included in the 5.400 characters. The abstracts without bibliography will be automatically refused.
  • Abstracts are accepted on a the topic of the congress only.

Abstracts cannot contain any information that could identify the author/s and the work place. Should the abstract include any information that could identify the author, it will be automatically refused.


The abstracts describing a non-experimental original research must meet ethical standards, be approved by an ethics committee of the institution of reference. Clinical cases and retrospective works don’t usually need to be approved by an ethical committee. However, the reviewer reserves the right to ask for the ethical approval also for this kind of works and for the works that don’t include live animals. When the work is on client – owned animals, the author must provide clients’ informed consent.
The experimental researches must be approved by the competent authorities, according to the law.
The EGO system for the submission of the abstracts will ask to declare the existence of the above-mentioned documents, which the reviewer reserves the rights to ask for later.
Papers that do not meet with these ethical principles will be automatically rejected.


The presenting author/speaker of an abstract accepted either as oral or poster communication is granted a free registration to the Congress.


  • Deadline for submission: FEBRUARY 20th, 2023WITHOUT REVIEW.
  • Abstracts submitted after FEBRUARY 20th, 2023 will be automatically refused.
  • Abstracts will be anonymously reviewed by Diplomats of the European Veterinary College, when possible.
  • The review process will end and the authors will be definitely informed by e-mail about acceptance or rejection by MARCH 6TH, 2023

To avoid that the abstract cannot be submitted due to technical difficulties, computer problems or other reasons, authors are advised to submit the abstract on time. There is no possibility for late-breaking abstract submission.

Abstract will be published as submitted, except for a simple English spelling check. Until the deadline of FEBRUARY 20th, 2023 authors will be able to enter their abstract to make changes, even when already submitted. After submission deadline, it will not be possible to edit the abstract anymore.


Abstracts can be submitted in English only. During the oral presentation, speeches can be done in Italian or English.

The time slot for a single presentation is FIFTEEN (15) minutes including 5 minutes discussion time.

In case the number of abstracts accepted exceeds the number of spaces for oral presentations, the reviewer in agreement with the Scientific committee will propose to the authors a poster presentation instead of an oral presentation, according to the assessment of the abstracts.


Authors should stand by their posters during the assigned poster sessions during the coffee breaks. The size should be 1.30 meter high and 0.80 meter wide. Please, indicate the title, author or authors and their affilia­tion in printed characters with at least 5 cm high. Where possible the results should be presented with graphs and images. The text of the poster must respect the text of the short communication and be readable from a distance of at least 1 meter. The posters must be attached by the authors to the poster boards in the poster area at the beginning of the congress. Materials to attach the poster to the poster board will be available on site.

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